Virtue of Mothers






($80一件,每件90-100克 )

歡迎致電2709 3800訂購/ 點擊以下連結填妥訂購表格:

Being a full-time mother is a life long job and it is the most challenging job a woman can take. They commit every minute managing house work and nurturing their children, the challenge of being a full-time mother is beyond our imagination.


We are delighted to have full-time mothers joining our production line! Through making these nourishing soap with us, mothers can take a break from their work and make some money at the same time. Why not support our partnering mothers, and appreciate full-time moms around you simply by purchasing the Virtue soap?


Every piece you purchase would be a blessing to our partnering mothers.

($80/piece, 90-100g each)

Please call 2709 3800 order or click below for the ordering form:

For more information, please call 2709 3800 or email to


We made our Cold Process Handmade Soapbars locally, whereas most of our Luffa Natural Soap are Imported directly from beautiful Thailand. Our Handmade Soap are guaranteed on quality as they obtained certificate from Thailand FDA. We could guarantee what you could get from us are 100% Handmade Soap, and Naturally made WITHOUT any chemicals like Paraben, SLS, etc. Good Soap for Good Skin and Good Health!


Below we present some of our best selling items you could find in our selling hotspot. We also look for partners that may want to sell our products locally or overseas. For business discussions, please email us at GSBECOMPANYLTD@GMAIL.COM.


我們的冷製手工皂全都是本土新鮮製作,而SOAPLUFFA系列則全部由泰國空運到港。我們保証所提供的手工皂全部都是100%手工製作,不會含化學物質如 Paraben (對羥基苯甲酸酯), SLS (月桂基硫酸鹽), 等等。除此以外,我們的SOAPLUFFA系列更已經獲得泰國FDA質量認可,令用家毋須擔心質量,絕對信心保証。


我們亦歡迎任何合作伙伴。如閣下有興趣與我們一同發展手工皂 (無論是成為代理商 或 課程合作) 都可隨時電郵我們 (GSBECOMPANYLTD@GMAIL.COM)。



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